Insurance's digital transformation is driving ever increasing calls for clearer accountability. The message is 'if you want our trust, give us accountability'. These articles look at the issues involved. Use them to shape your thinking.
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Strong Opinions Emerge on Data Use in Counter Fraud public
Counter Fraud 8 min read

Strong Opinions Emerge on Data Use in Counter Fraud

A detailed survey of US consumers found that support for the use of data to combat insurance fraud is strong, but very conditional upon the proper handling of ethical issues. I examine the message being sent to insurers by the US public, and what UK insurers can learn from it.…
Duncan Minty
Duncan Minty
Assessing the Risk from Algorithm Destruction public
Data Ethics 5 min read

Assessing the Risk from Algorithm Destruction

We’ve seen a couple of cases now in which firms have been told by regulators to destroy not only the data they shouldn’t have been using, but also the algorithms and models that had been trained on that data. So are insurers at risk from this too, and if so, how can they begin to assess it?…
Duncan Minty
Duncan Minty
An Important Development on Financial Inclusion public
Regulation 3 min read

An Important Development on Financial Inclusion

The need for insurers to take a more formalised approach to financial inclusion has moved a step closer. If the regulator is to ‘have a regard’ for financial inclusion, with data and reports, then it will expect insurers to do the same. It’s a stone that will gather moss.…
Duncan Minty
Duncan Minty
Insurance as a Common Good public
Fairness 3 min read

Insurance as a Common Good

Could insurance be considered as a form of common good? And if so, how might that have come about? And more importantly, how might it influence the way in which insurance markets are allowed to digitally transform?…
Duncan Minty
Duncan Minty
Data Ethics 2 min read

Regulators issue Two Important Papers on Algorithms

The UK’s Digital Regulation Cooperation Forum has just issued two ‘call for input’ papers that insurers should pay attention to. These point to some joint regulatory initiatives ahead. One paper is on the benefits and harms of algorithms, and the other on auditing algorithms.…
Duncan Minty
Duncan Minty
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