The most complex and influential ethical issue in today's insurance. Insurers need to be clear in their thinking on fairness, for it's going to be receiving a lot of attention over the next few years.
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Could Financial Inclusion be at a Turning Point? public
Analysis 9 min read

Could Financial Inclusion be at a Turning Point?

Pressure is being put on the UK Government to raise the attention that the regulator gives to financial inclusion. Not many of you will realise that, at the moment, such attention is pretty discretionary. Will this pressure succeed? And if it does, what repercussions could this have for insurers?…
Duncan Minty
Duncan Minty
Explaining the Fairness of a Particular Rating Factor public
Fairness 7 min read

Explaining the Fairness of a Particular Rating Factor

How would you explain the fairness of using a particular rating factor? You can’t rely on just statistics anymore. While the super-complaint tied fairness to the overall premium, now long running challenges to certain rating factors are re-emerging. Underwriters need to prepare for this.…
Duncan Minty
Duncan Minty
Review - The Tyranny of Merit public
Fairness 3 min read

Review - The Tyranny of Merit

The fairness of merit is at the heart of the digital revolution happening in insurance at the moment. While not about insurance, this book delivers some important insights into key questions about the future of insurance and its relations with society.…
Duncan Minty
Duncan Minty
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