Ethical Decisions and Dilemmas

To be good at ethics, you need to understand ethical decision making. It doesn’t just happen - there are skills to practice, knowledge to build and experience to gain. Ethical dilemmas test your decision making skills in practical situations. Some dilemmas can be simple, while others can be multi-layered.
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Ethical Decisions and Dilemmas
Why Contagious Misconduct Can Collapse Firms public
Ethical Culture 2 min read

Why Contagious Misconduct Can Collapse Firms

We often think of misconduct in terms of the individual. Yet we also know that such cases often have a ripple effect, signalling to others that they could act likewise. This creates a slippery slope to more serious cases of misconduct. So how might contagious misconduct be controlled?…
Duncan Minty
Duncan Minty
Our Digital Footprint – a Pandora’s Box of Data? public
Data Ethics 7 min read

Our Digital Footprint – a Pandora’s Box of Data?

I gave a keynote speech at a claims and fraud conference this week, on whether insurers’ exploitation of our digital footprint could turn into a Pandora’s box. Insurers see these new lines of insight as creating competitive advantage, but could they instead cause real problems?…
Duncan Minty
Duncan Minty
The Fairness of Insurance Pricing is Challenged Again public
Discrimination 8 min read

The Fairness of Insurance Pricing is Challenged Again

The fairness of insurance pricing is again being challenged, this time by the UK’s leading campaigning journalist on finance matters. Martin Lewis believes insurers are breaking the law in how they handle people with mental health issues. The only surprise is how long this has taken to emerge.…
Duncan Minty
Duncan Minty
Review: the Wisdom of Crowds public
Ethical Decisions and Dilemmas 2 min read

Review: the Wisdom of Crowds

How decisions are made is at the heart of ethical culture. Find ways to improve the fairness, honesty and respect of those decisions and your firm’s ethical culture will be all the better for it. James Surowiecki’s book about the Wisdom of Crowds has some good ideas about how to do so.…
Duncan Minty
Duncan Minty
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