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Why Insurers Need to Respect Customer Autonomy public
Analysis 7 min read

Why Insurers Need to Respect Customer Autonomy

Autonomy is both simple and complex, ephemeral yet ever present. It’s rarely invoked in an insurance context outside of self-driving vehicles. Yet it’s an ethical issue that is becoming central to the debate on how insurance is to be priced. Insurers need to understand it to be part of that debate.…
Duncan Minty
Duncan Minty
Prediction and the Cold Hand public
Comment 3 min read

Prediction and the Cold Hand

Analytics are not neutral tools. When you use analytics to work something out, you start to change that something. In some forms of analytics, this change can be supportive. In other forms, it can be destructive. This mix of influences should be part of how you design and deploy analytics.…
Duncan Minty
Duncan Minty
Personalisation 2 min read

Life and Motor Underwriting Start to Converge

Policyholders of US insurer John Hancock who have an Allstate Drivewise policy can now earn Vitality points on their life insurance for safe driving. It works in a rather analogue way at the moment, but it confirms a trend towards how you drive influencing the price and scope of your life cover.…
Duncan Minty
Duncan Minty
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