I help insurers achieve greater certainty on ethical issues. I have a reputation for foresight, pragmatic guidance and being an independent ‘critical friend’. Clients bring me in at various stages in their plans, from horizon scanning to operational procedures. They’ve ranged from small mutuals to global composites.

My consulting breaks down into four themes...

Horizon Scanning

I help insurers explore the implications of emerging trends that will affect their markets.

Insurers have to understand the ethical landscape that lies ahead, so as to build its implications into their risk strategies. Through workshops and research, my ethics radar highlights the problems and opportunities to look out for.

Example – A leading UK insurer wanted to understand the influence that supervisory technologies would have on its digital strategy. My research and analysis set out the developments to watch out for and allowed the insurer to adapt accordingly.

Client Quote : "always provides thoughtful content on a fascinating and very relevant area of insurance".

Independent Insight

I help insurers think about complex issues from a different perspective.

Insurance markets are facing some complex ethical challenges, particularly around how data and analytics are used. Insurers use my insight and lateral thinking to gain an extra level of understanding about such challenges

Example – A leading UK insurer wanted to better understand the arguments about discrimination in insurance and so brought me in to provide independent insight. This helped them to conduct further in-house analysis and monitor ongoing developments.

Client Quote - "always provides insight of value and genuinely helps to move a debate forward"

Critical Friend

I help insurers to ‘reality check’ their response to ethical challenges.

Trust comes from insurers responding to ethical challenges in the right way. Insurers often use me in a ‘critical friend’ role to ‘reality check’ their thinking, and help them turn a situation into a plan.

Example – This intermediary was concerned that their approach to a key ethical risk was not right. We organised a workshop to understand how the ethical risk was actually being experienced, the outcome of which caused a lot of raised eyebrows. I rewrote their policy statement and procedures to reflect their risk appetite.

Client Quote – “Always thought provoking”

Delivering on Commitments

I help insurers to implement their ethical commitments.

Insurers wanting greater certainty on ethical issues move to frame their commitments and support this with policies and plans. I support them in this, with input on scope, significance and expectations.

Example – This top 20 UK insurer had drafted a policy commitment on data ethics and brought me in to finalise it in line with the expectations of key audiences. I then developed a detailed implementation plan on data ethics and presented both to the board.

Client quote – “Informed, compelling & practical as always”

All this is delivered in a variety of formats - reports, presentations, workshops, away-day discussions and training. Feel free to get in touch for an informal chat about your project.

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