Duncan Minty speaking at an ABI conference

Duncan brings a lot of insight, a bit of challenge and an ethical perspective to your event.

  • insight into how trust works in practice in the insurance market
  • challenge around the ethical steps to build that trust
  • clear thinking on the knowledge and skills that make this happen

This is independent thinking, not a watered down sales pitch. Duncan draws on experiences from his 18 years in the insurance market and 21 years as an independent ethics consultant.

Here are some of the insurance conferences that Duncan has been a speaker at...

2021 - London - Westminster Business Forum 'UK Insurance Market' conference

2019 - Zurich - Data Ethics in Insurance conference.

2017 - London - ABI 'Cyber, Data and Technology' conference

2017 - Dublin - Insurance Institute of Ireland's Annual Ethics Lecture

2017 - Brussels - European Computer, Privacy and Data Protection conference

2016 - London - Financial Times 'Future of Insurance' conference

2016 - London - Managing General Agents' Association Annual Conference

2015 - Liverpool - Institute and Faculty of Actuaries GIRO conference

He's also given talks at the Universities of Leicester, Southampton, Sligo, Zurich and Bologna.

Audiences have ranged from 600 down to a dozen, and venues from auditoriums to small private events.

Typical speaking events have been professional conferences, away-days, retreats, masterclasses and corporate conferences.

Feel free to get in touch for an informal chat about your conference.

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